Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Futility of it All

The past few weeks have been ones that have left me wondering about the futility of my constant whining and cribbing, and it has led me to a kind of an awakening that those little moments in Life matter the most, that everything must and will come to an end. That is for the best. That is because you have to let go, move on and see life and its bigger picture.

My whining and cribbing was so so trivial, now when I come to think of it.. Boss being a nuisance, work not happening, Lack of time to do stuff, Friends far away, too much heat and humidity, Dad's constant talks about marriage, whether GMAT id better or CAT is, why someone called and why they didn' on and so forth.

An unexpected illness in the family, the sudden death of a close one, the tragedy of an acquaintance and a phone call from a friend..that's what it took me to stop fantasizing about how sorry my life is and begin to realize that i should probably thank my stars for being in such a comfortable a position as I am now.

One moment your having lunch with someone, next moment they're gone. You were not there with them when you should have, when you could have. And you regret it all your life. But, you learn to move on, your hectic schedule allows you to put that somewhere behind closed doors conveniently. Maybe that is what is called healing. Maybe that's the brains way to keep you sane and not lose it.

Its crazy how you think getting a 100 percentile in CAT is the most important thing in your life, and, out of the blue, you come to know to know that the nagging pain you were having in your head from so long is a tumor pressing on your optic nerve, which means your going to lose your eyesight and never regain it fully again. And suddenly, just suddenly, you realize the meaning of those small things in life you overlooked, you chose to ignore completely because that were too insignificant.

All your life you have been raised in a protective family, your parents have given you everything you wanted, sent you to the best school in the city, the best college in the country..only to tell you that as soon as you finish your degree you should get ready to get married and you do not have a choice to say no because you're a girl! And then, at that moment, all the dreams you had, all the sand castles you'd built, come crashing down and you begin to question the whole purpose of you being told that there is "no difference b/w a girl and a boy these days". If they don't understand, who will??

Life is too short and too volatile for not telling somebody how much you love them, not showing them how much you care.. Be it your parents, your friends, your spouse/beau...especially your parents. It is important to let people know that they are loved and they are important in your life. It does make that their life ..and yours.

This post is a result of all the things happening around now, with people I'm quite close to and that's what made me retrospect about so many things in life. The little moments we miss out on..the things we should have done...

Life sure has a strange way of teaching us things..and making us sit upright and rethink everything we've thought of all this while..'coz as it turns out, it was all a waste,futile..and you get up the next morning with a sense of achieving everything that now seems more important, even making that phone call to your Mum and Dad and telling them that you are going to be there for them, even if they know it, and you will know, as you hang up that you have made their day

The realization dawns on us..
we falter and learn..
And as they say..
Life goes on...


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I mean really moved. I'm so truly happy that the first time i logged into blogger in 11 months, i came to have a look at your life as i would have never seen it.